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    Reverse vaginal tightening Cream 2 oz. Bulk. Restore, rejuvenate and reverse. Helps hydrate the interior walls of your vagina, creating better friction for you and your partner

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    Just like the first time! Long lasting! Enhances tightening sensation. Heightens sensitivity for him and her. Long lasting formulation. Water soluble. Unscented clear cream. Sold as a novelty only. Made in USA.

    Safety Information. If you experience and irritation, immediately flush with water or use a feminine hygiene solution.


    Benzocaine (Ethyl p-Aminobenzoate), U.S.P. Triclosan SA, Perfecta Petrolatum U.S.P., Distilled Water, Dowicil 200 (Preservative).



    Apply by massaging into vaginal tissue. Allow 10-15 minutes to take affect.


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    Formulated to tighten due to multiple childbirth and frigidity. Five minutes after application, will tighten and maintain for a period of 24 hours.

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