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  • $6,500
    • Post-Pregnancy Training Tool – WeDol Ben wa ball is designed to exercise the pelvic muscle to improve bladder control, support faster childbirth recovery, prevent prolapse and treat issues with incontinence.
    • 10 massage vibration modes – This Ben  wa ball with adjustable vibration modes makes it easy to find the one for you. The kegel exercise ball is recommended by doctors, and is the most effective vaginal and pelvic floor exerciser.
    • Body Safe Silicone – The bladder control massager is made from food-grade silicone which is a non-porous, non-toxic material that won’t harbor bacteria, , and is hypoallergenic. Ergonomically designed to ensure your comfort and safety.
    • 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable – This kegel ball for women requires only 1.5 hours to fully charge and can be used continuously for 80 minutes. And the fighting kegel ball is quiet at less than 50db, you don’t need to worry about disturbing others during exercise.
    • Quick Results – The kegel exercise balls are suitable for women of all ages and life stages, only 15 minutes a day and just a few short weeks, you will feel the difference! And you can exercise anytime and anywhere.

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  • $6,500
    • Safe Material: Made of high-quality liquid silicone, which offers very soft and silky touch.
    • 10 Modes: The Kegel Ball has 10 modes, from strong to weak, you can easily choose the mode that suits you. Bird shape makes the whole exercise process more fun.
    • Waterproof: The Kegel ball is waterproof. It can be washed in water, very convenient to use.
    • USB Rechargeable: The Kegel ball is rechargeable. The lithium battery is automatically cut off after being fully charged. It takes only 90 minutes to be fully charged and can be used continuously for 120 minutes. The running noise of the Kegel ball is less than 50db, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others during exercise.

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  • $1,800

    Most Comfortable & Safest Kegel Exercise Equipment available. BPA-Free, Hypoallergenic & Medical Grade. No openings or grooves to trap dirt & bacteria.100% waterproof for easy cleaning and fully hygienic

  • $2,500

    TONE AND TIGHTEN: Our Duotone Balls are sculpted to naturally tighten your most intimate places while two free roaming internal weights sensually stimulate; Weighted duotone balls have been used for centuries to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles

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