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  • $2,500

    Flirty Dice: This is a sexy set of five dice to help keep your love life fun.

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  • $2,500

    With 3 x 6-sided dice, you’ll have plenty of sexual possibilities to explore together. This game is designed with heterosexual couples in mind, but most positions can also be enjoyed with a strap-on or anally.

    • Position of the Week dice game for sexual discovery
    • The perfect stocking filler for your lover
    • Over 200 sexual outcomes to discover
    • Lightweight and compact for steamy weekends away
    • *Discreet delivery guaranteed!

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  • In stock

  • $4,500

    Roll with Raunchiness for Impromptu Frisky Fun. Shake up your sex life with the fun, easy to use, Sexy 6 dice! Feel the excitement and anticipation build as your sexual scenario gradually reveals itself,exposing unexpected thrills and shared sensations. With 720 possibilities for pleasure you can be sure of a sexy new adventure every time. With the decisions laid bare by the dice, all that remains is to enjoy each other, in the raunchiest way possible! Perfect Valentine, Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday or Just for Fun Gift!!

    Discreet Packaging & Shipping

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  • $650
    • EASY TO PLAY: Dimension: about 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm. This is a game that has no loser and fits in your pocket. You can use it anywhere with anyone you desire.
    • 12 SEXUAL POSITION OPTIONS: Give you more fun times in the bedroom, 12 erotic foreplay action options, throwing the 12- sided dice to decide what this is all leading up to.
    • PERFECT GIFT FOR HIM/ HER: Make an adventurous birthday or Christmas gift for couples, lovers, bachelor or bachelorette, honeymoon, bridal shower, groom roast, newlyweds, wedding, anniversary, marriage, etc.

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  • $3,500

    4 Sex Dice is an exciting way to spice up your sex life! These dice help experience fun sexual foreplay activities all over your body and give the players enjoyable sex positions to try.

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