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  • CalExotics Connect Card Game $3,500.00
    • 6.25″ x 3.75″ x .75″/16 cm x 9.5 cm x 2 cm
    • Fast moving couples game that brings lovers to a higher level of intimacy
    • Includes: 1 deck of “Connect” cards, rule booklet
    • For 2-6 adult players

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  • California Exotic Novelties Touch Me Massage Game – Multi-Colored $3,500.00
    • Rub, touch, relax, and excite your partner with this sexy erotic massage game
    • Contains 3 decks of touch me cards (54 cards total), rule booklet
    • For 2 adult players
    • 6.25”x 3.75”x .75”/16 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm

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  • Go F*ck! Card Game – A Dirty Version of Go Fish $3,500.00

    Did you enjoy playing games like Crazy 8s Snap and Go Fish growing up? If so you’ll love playing Crazy 69s Sex Snap and Go F*CK! The game rules are similar but the rewards to the winners are much more adult. Go F*CK! Includes 52 game cards and rules for three variations on popular card games. There are four suits and 13 different sex positions. Includes 52 game cards and 2 rule cards.

    • Great fun for all adults
    • Makes a perfect gift
    • Great way to get friends together

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  • Kheper Games International Sex! $3,500.00
    • Sexual sensation.
    • Brings your loving person a step closer.
    • A game for adults.

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  • Kheper Games Let’s Fuck Card Game $3,500.00

    Let’s F*ck Card Game. The quick and easy game that gets you laid! Includes 48 Let’s F… Cards, 4 Let’s F*ck Wild Cards, and rules for 3 games: F*ck Fortunes, Match & F*ck, and Personal F*ck Questions. Adult card game.

    Packing three separate sexy games into one, the Let’s F*ck deck includes 48 X-rated Let’s…cards, 4 equally scandalous Wild cards and instructions/rules for three possible ways to play.

    Players will match cards of various sex acts with Match & F*ck, predict erotic future events with F*ck Fortunes or indulge in a little truth or dare inspired Personal F*ck Questions.

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  • Kheper Games Lust! Card Game $4,800.00

    Lust! is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. Begin by acting out or sharing various romantic and sexual indulgences with each other. The Love-Making Cards explicitly illustrate either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. You and your partner use these cards to build and agree on a sexual fantasy. Each game ends with a unique love-making experience because there are over 30,000 possibilities within the Love-Making Cards.

    • 20 Romance Cards
    • 20 Sensuality Cards
    • 20 Body Language Cards
    • 40 Love Making Cards
    • 4 Easy-to-learn Game Rule Cards

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  • Kheper Games Naked! Card Game $3,000.00

    Naked! Naked! has the same values and suits as a regular poker deck, but printed on each card is an article of clothing. Play your favorite poker games. When you win, you get to assign cards from your winning hand to other players. Players who receive cards have to remove the clothing that is pictured on the card. The winner is the last player remaining who is not Naked!

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  • Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game $3,500.00
    • Have you tried oral sex in 5 positions? How about 10? 20?!
    • Now try 50 different foreplay and oral sex positions!
    • The oral sex card game offers you 50 different creative ideas. Use the cards as positional references or play one of the three Oral Sex games.
    • There are 25 Oral Sex cards for him and 25 for her.
    • Each 5-card fantasy includes at least 2 of each.

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  • Kheper Games What The Fck Game – I Never Have $3,500.00

    Hours of outrageous fun. The classic they’ve never have game with 552 what the fuck? Styled statements. Get your friends to admit the most fucked up things they’ve done. For 3 or more players.

    • Great fun for all adults
    • Makes a perfect gift
    • Great way to get friends together

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  • Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Memory Match Game for Adults – Pocket Sized $2,500.00
    • Small pocket-sized pack of 40 cards with photo images inspired by the Kama Sutra
    • 19 different positions to explore, including ‘The Lotus’, ‘The Throne’, ‘The Twin Crab’ and ‘The Wheelbarrow’
    • Also contains one pair of Lovehoney heart cards
    • Box size 65mm x 65mm
    • Perfect for spicing up a weekend away, or as a sexy stocking filler *Discreet delivery guaranteed!

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  • Lovehoney Position of The Week Dice Game for Adults $2,500.00

    With 3 x 6-sided dice, you’ll have plenty of sexual possibilities to explore together. This game is designed with heterosexual couples in mind, but most positions can also be enjoyed with a strap-on or anally.

    • Position of the Week dice game for sexual discovery
    • The perfect stocking filler for your lover
    • Over 200 sexual outcomes to discover
    • Lightweight and compact for steamy weekends away
    • *Discreet delivery guaranteed!

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  • Lovehoney Position of The Week Snap Game for Adults $2,500.00

    Challenge your other half to a rousing game of snap and ignite their imagination with these position cards. Whether you’re a boudoir acrobat, or on a mission to be rid of missionary, this Position of the Week game will give you some tantalising ideas.

    Inspired by Lovehoney’s popular ‘Position of the Week’ blog, this adult card game introduces you to a wide range of sensual positions in a fun way.

    Go one on one with your lover and try to match as many position cards as possible. Amp up the stakes by adding a sensual forfeit, or remove a piece of clothing after each losing hand.

    With positions ranging from simple to challenging, these cards are designed with hetero couples in mind, but most positions can also be enjoyed with a strap-on.

    • Sex position snap for a cheeky rainy day activity
    • Makes a great stocking filler, Valentine’s surprise or anniversary gift for your partner
    • Small and discreet for sexy weekends away
    • Regular Kegel exercises can improve orgasms and sexual sensation
    • *Discreet delivery guaranteed!

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  • Sex Snap: The naughtiest card game you’ll ever play Cards $4,500.00

    Who cares about winning? In this game, it’s the taking part that counts…

    This X-rated twist on the classic game of Snap is all about speed, spontaneity and paying close attention to the sex positions on the cards. It’ll leave you and your opponent gagging for more.

    Time: Depends how long you last! Number of players: 2+ Includes: 52 playing cards, plus 2 instruction cards Ages: 18+ Assembly required? No Batteries required? No Warning: Not suitable for persons under 18 years. For adult use only.

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  • Sexy 6 Dice Pride Edition $4,500.00

    Roll with Raunchiness for Impromptu Frisky Fun. Shake up your sex life with the fun, easy to use, Sexy 6 dice! Feel the excitement and anticipation build as your sexual scenario gradually reveals itself,exposing unexpected thrills and shared sensations. With 720 possibilities for pleasure you can be sure of a sexy new adventure every time. With the decisions laid bare by the dice, all that remains is to enjoy each other, in the raunchiest way possible! Perfect Valentine, Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday or Just for Fun Gift!!

    Discreet Packaging & Shipping

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  • Tarzan and Jane LoveCube Dice Game $3,500.00

    Beat the drum of desire in the Tarzan and Jane LoveCube. Wild messages and other daring diversions take you to your own undiscovered country of eroticism, where fantasy becomes reality. Tarzan and Jane offers over three hundred scintillating variations on the love theme.

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