• $12,500
    • The brand NEW black Rotating Beads realistic dildo specially launched for you, together with the DENOOSS dildo, will fill all your senses. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. We look forward to communicating with you.
    • After addition of the rotating thrust ball dildo stimulation G point,it immediately becomes different from other penises. When you push in and rotate the penis, the beads will continue to move and rotate to stimulate your vagina and the expected G-spot, produce more targeted stimulation, and bring you a higher level of breakthrough, you will whole new world of pleasure.
    • Vibrating dildo is indeed an exciting toy, it has 10 different vibration frequencies, 6 modes, so you can enjoy a variety of high levels of sexual pleasure. Combined with vibration, thrust, turn beads and heating to make you more likely to reach orgasm.
    • Of course, this dildo also has unfettered convenience. Powerful suction cups can make you hands-free play in vigorous riding sports on chairs, walls, and floors.• The wireless remote control can help you or your partner to enjoy orgasm of pleasure and possibilities at any time.• Please rely on DENOOSS and don’t worry! nobody knows what is inside the private transport package, we will protect you strictly.
    • The perfect realistic dildo must be perfect in terms of materials. it made of premium grade silicone, and it perfectly imitates the veiny shaft and wrinkly balls. Imagine such a strong and charming dildo, slowly approaching you like a real man, and then fill you up to the whole new world.

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