• $7,000
    • Claim the Carrot: This rabbit isn’t fuzzy but it is most certainly buzzy! Give this gem a go, it’ll have you hopping all over the pleasure trail as you cycle through the different settings.
    • Satisfaction for All Sensitivities: Made with scentless easy-to-clean food-grade silicone, this little treasure is also waterproof, cordless, and features 7 scintilating vibration modes offering some range and variety to me time
    • Titillation that Goes the Distance: Featuring a 60 minute battery life from fully recharged as well as including a USB charging cable, user guide, and convenient storage pouch, the only thing missing from the package is you!
    • From Start to …Finish: Our adult sex toys come in discrete packaging, delivered with your privacy in mind. We’re committed to providing a fun, and safe experience for everyone, treat yourself and your friends to pleasure without the pain!
    • Get Uncensored: We embrace sex positivity and believe that sexual expression is a personal and healthy experience. We offer products to help enhance sexual exploration whether you want to explore alone or with a partner. Our products are high quality but affordable, and easy to use.

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