• $6,500
    • 🍄High Quality, Long Battery Time, 20 Vibrating Modes, Food Grade Silicone Material
    • 🍄Strong Vibration Helps Releave Muscle Pain and Discomfort
    • 🍄Magnetic Charging Method, Waterproof Feature
    • 🍄Three Strength Modes: High Strength, Middle Strength, Low Strength

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  • $6,500

    Common Problems
    Question 1: Can’t turn on or off?
    A: Please charge the product; and follow the steps in the product manual.
    Question 2: What should I do if the vibration intensity of the product becomes weak?
    A: The battery is low, please charge it.
    Question 3: What should I do if I can’t charge it?
    Answer: Please check whether the power supply is well connected; whether the power cord is damaged, and whether the power cord is properly connected to the product.

    Product Information
    Main material: ABS
    Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery
    Charging time: about 50 minutes
    Use time: about 80 minutes (full power state)
    Product Weight: 1.57oz
    Product size: 0.62inch×0.91inch×4.72inch
    Waterproof grade: IPX4
    Product color: rose gold
    Packing specification: one pack/1PCS

    Product List
    1 x Bullet Vibrator
    1×Magnetic charging cable

    Charging Method
    1. Carefully unscrew the bottom of the product counterclockwise, and connect the USB interface of the power cord to the national standard USB charging plug with a voltage of 5-5.5V and a current of 1-1.2A;
    2. Attach the magnetic charging head of the power cord to the magnetic charging port at the bottom of the product;
    3. When charging, the LED white light at the bottom of the product flashes slowly, and the charging time is about 50

    In stock


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