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  • Silicone Rechargeable 10 Vibration Mode Delay Ring For Men $6,500.00

    What should I know when using a cock ring?Make sure you choose the right type, size, and fit. It’s important to adjust the fit of the male sex toys so they don’t become too tight for you to go numb. Trim your pubic hair. Shave or trim your pubic hair before using a cock ring for the first time. You won’t have to worry about your hair being tugged. Lubrication is necessary. Your penis ring and penis should both be lubricated.

    The adult toy will slide easily onto your shaft, preventing friction. Before putting on adult sex toys, make sure your penis is semi-erect. Make sure the couples sex toys are on before putting on the condoms. Once your cock ring is secure and your penis becomes fully erect, then you should roll your condom on. The penis rings should only be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes. The use of penis rings for too long can cause permanent penile damage, so limit your usage to around 30 minutes.

    When engaging in back-to-back sex sessions using your vibrating cock ring, make sure to wait at least 1 hour between sessions. Wash your penis rings after each use. Always thoroughly clean your adult toys when you’re finished using it.

    • – Magnetic USB Charging
    • – Discreet Package
    • – 100% waterproof

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