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  • Foster & Rye Memory Eraser Beer Games – Multicolor $2,500.00
    • FLIP, MATCH, DRINK! – The Foster & Rye Memory Eraser game is based on the classic card matching game, but with drinking game rules! Players take turns flipping over two cards and remembering where each one was, while trying to make matches.
    • MATCH CARDS TO WIN – The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins! 10 matching pairs with different rules provides enough variety to make every game different, while ensuring you can fit at least a few rounds in.
    • CLASSIC DRINKING GAME FUN – Match cards and do what they say. Includes drinking game classics including “make a new rule,” “truth or dare,” and various social drinking events. Every round will be different and exciting with this card matching game.
    • DRINK TO REMEMBER – How’s your memory after a few drinks? As long as it’s better than your friend’s, you’ll be fine! The first round of card matching might not be too hard, but depending on how it goes, that second one might be harder!
    • PLAY WITH 1-4 PLAYERS – Yes, you can play this solo if for some reason you need to practice forgetting while drinking alone. No judgment. But it gets a lot more exciting with friends. Makes a great gift for game collectors.

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